ACERO – Australia regularly cond ucts local activities to identify refugees and members of the public in need of physical and emotional assistance.  In addition to the visible needs that can be seen, individuals and families whom have fled terror, persecution, civil war and instability often bear emotional scars which require the appropriate levels of support. ACERO – Australia works with local providers to support newly arrived refugees settle into a new life across local communities. Other local assistance includes the support and sponsorship of educational items for newly arrived refugee students.

ACERO Australia regularly conducts local activities to identify newly arrived refugees and members of the public in need of aid and relief. Examples of this local support includes assistance for newly arrived refugee students to easily settle into school life in Australia by making it possible to afford access to essential educational items such as uniforms, educational equipment, or attending excursions.

ACERO Australia is pleased to also support local causes who provide relief to Australian communities in line with the Charity’s objectives. This includes local causes who support across the spheres of homelessness, medical services or during times of unfortunate catastrophic disasters. An example of this assistance includes ACERO Australia’s immediate response to support the fight against the devastating bushfires of late 2019 / early 2020 across NSW and QLD through a major donation via the Salvation Army.

Examples of other local causes supported are included below: