ACERO Lebanon

Food Hamper Distribution – Lebanon

The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation in Australia in partnership with the Assyrian Support Committee in Lebanon have launched a food drive in support of the needy individuals and families currently residing in Beirut and its surroundings. On the ground team realised the dire need of such a campaign as the repercussion of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the difficult economic situation facing the Lebanese people, have rendered daily life ever so difficult to cope with. Basic necessities such as food and medications are expensive to obtain.

The food drive comprises of a parcel containing the below items to be distributed to registered families for relief and aid during these difficult times:
1kg sugar
1kg white beans
1kg red beans
1kg lentils
1kg rice
1kg rice (round)
2kg flour
1kg homous
Pack of Spaghetti
2x cans tomatoes sauce
1L cooking oil
1L washing detergent
3x hand wash
1L Dittol antibacterial
1/2kg tea

Each food parcel comes at a cost of $38 USD. If you wish to donate, please visit our donation page. All donations are tax deductible.

As always, ACERO Australia thanks you for your continued support and beseeches the Lord’s blessing upon those who give cheerfully for noble causes.